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Rules of Publication

The Educational Journal is an academic refereed periodical, issued by the Academic Publication Council-Kuwait University. It publishes original research in education in Arabic as well as in English. The following are within its scope of publication:

  • Experimental and empirical research.
  • Theoretical research.
  • Reviews of recently published books.
  • Reports on local, Arabic, and international conferences.

Gerenal Regulations

  • Proficiency in ideas, style, documentation, and freedom from linguistic errors.
  • To contribute to the development of educational ideology and its application everywhere.
  • Study reports should be typed, double-spaced, not exceeding 30 foolscap pages (35 Quarto).
  • Study reports should be organized as to write main titles in the middle, subtitles to the right on a separate line, subsidiary ones at the beginning of the paragraph.
  • Three copies of the study report along with the writer's C.V. (in case of first contribution).
  • Attestation that studies submitted have not been published before, or to be published anywhere else before the writer receives the Educational Journal Juridical decision.

Specific Regulations

FIRST : Experimental and empirical research

The editorial board formally reviews papers submitted for publication to be sent hence forth to the referees, if these regulations are observed

  • The cover page includes the study tittle, the writer's full name, academic title, and institution.
  • As an introduction to the study title, the writer's full name, academic title, and institution.
  • The part that involves the methodology includes, the sample (its demographic characteristics, selection, limitations) instruments (validity, reliability, administration, scoring system, research procedures, and statistical methods.
  • Results are tabulated, analysed, and discussed in full, and in according with data analysis cited in major references.
  • References are cited in the text bracketed


Publication Ethics and Duties of the Editorial Board

Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law
Journal of Law
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Journal of Law
Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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