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Publication Rules in Shri`ah and Islamic Study Journal 

1.    Research should be characterized with depth and originality so that they can add novelty to knowledge.
2.    Research should be scientifically documented with references, sources and documents.
3.    They should be arranged in phases and stages according to scientific research basics.
4.    Research should be printed on one side A-4 -paper. The number of pages shall be not less than 5,000 words and not exceed 8,000 words, including the resources, references and margins. 5. The originals of the research sent to the magazine will not be returned, either published or not.
5.    sent to the address of the magazine, under the name of the Editor-in-Chief of Sharia &
6.    Research should not be pre-published or offered to any place for publishing.
7.    Researcher should declare that his research is an original self work and not derived from MA or PH.D. Thesis of his.
8.    Researcher should attach an abstract of the research in both Arabic and English languages. The abstract should not exceed one page.
9.    Research shall be reviewed by two arbiters appointed by editorial board in a confidential way.
10.    The arbiter is notified that research assessment period should not exceed one month from the date of research reception.
11.    Care should be taken that the degree of the arbiter should be higher than the researcher’s scientific degree (in case of individual author) or the degree of researchers in case of having more than one author). The degree of arbiter in all cases should not be less than a professor assistant.
12.    Editor in-chief may choose a third arbiter in case of rejecting the research by one of the arbiters and apologizes for the researcher for non publishing the research in case of being rejected by the arbiters.
13.    If the researcher or one of the researchers were inside Kuwait the arbiters should be form abroad. The editor in-chief can in some cases estimate some research requiring arbitration in Kuwait and chooses a third arbiter.
14.    Editorial board staff have the right of initial examination of the research and decide to be qualified for arbitration or be rejected.
15.    Editor –in-chief may inform the researcher whose research is unacceptable to be published without disclosing arbiters’ names and without any obligation to hear the defence of researcher of the arbiters' opinion.
16.    The research is considered withdrawn if the researcher delays doing the required modifications within month from the date of delivery of the reply from the journal unless there is an acceptable excuse estimated by the journal’s board.
17.    It is not permitted to publish the research in any other scientific journal after being accepted to be published in the journal.
18.    The journal has the right to republish research in paper print or electronically for those previously published research without the need of the writer’s permission. It has the right to permit third parties to enlist the research in various data bases whether that is paid for, or without payment.
19.    The researcher may republish his published research in the journal provided taking permission from the journal board. He has to refer to the source of the republishing organization.
20.    If the journal board ensured that the researcher had published his research on paper or electronically before or at or after submitting it to the journal ,the board had right to prevent him from publishing it in future in this journal as well as the journals of the scientific research board of the University of Kuwait for a period of one year at least, according to what the editorial staff of the journal see it is suitable the related to party should be informed as well. 22. If the researcher does not comply with executing the required modifications requested by the arbiters and the journal or withdraws the research before being published he shall be charged to pay arbitration and mailing fees and other costs incurred by the journal.
23. The research originals which reach the journal will not be returned whether they were published or not.
24. Editor in-chief notifies research writers with the final decision of arbiters concerning their research according to the following:
a.     Accepted research owners are notified of the consent of the editorial staff of publishing their research and of the potential date of publication.
b.    Research that arbiters see they have amendments that should be done or added before publication are returned to their owners with specific remarks so as to be finally prepared for publication.
c.    Rejected research owners are informed of rejection without giving reasons.
d.    Research owners are informed of reception of their research during a week from the date of delivery to be informed of the decision concerning validity of publication or not during two weeks of the date of arbiters replies.
e.    Each researcher is granted 25 copies of his published research in addition to one copy of the journal.
25. The following should be observed as possible as could be for the priority of publication:
a. Research of teaching staff in the University of Kuwait.
b. Date of editor-in-chief reception of the research and precedence of doing modification.
c. Variety of research as possible as it could be done.
26. The journal has the right of a version to be specialized completely for a certain purpose. Remarks:
-    It is not permitted for the researcher to stop publishing his research after being exposed to the editorial staff except for reasons convincing the editorial staff that should be done before arbiters verdict.
-    The journal does not pay rewards to authors for published research or book reviews or any other intellectual work without being mandated to do so by the editorial staff.

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Kindly pay attention to accurate correction for all copies.


Journal of Law
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