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Imam Al-Razi approach in directing the Verbal similarities in his Tafsir «Mafatih-ul-Ghaib»
Author :Prof. Odeh Abdullah (Main Researcher), Researcher: Mohammad Wasfi Jallad (Associate Researcher)

The Qur›anic Approach in Forming an Educational Terminology in Light of the Divine Statutes
Author :Dr. Ahmed Diaa El Din Hussein (Main Researcher), Reem Abdul-Razzaq Mohammad Abdul-Razzaq (Co-researcher)

Rules of Formation of Good Habits Through the Prophetic Sunnah
Author :Dr. Iqbal Ali Abdullah Alenezi

Anonymity in Hadith’s scholars perspective, is it discreditation of narrator or abstention?
Author :Dr. Maha Menwer Almutairi

Deriving Phrases of Trustiness and Disgrace from the Adjective taken from the Name of the Narrator Either Trusted or Graced
Author :Dr. Mohammad A. Alazmi

Faulty Impact of a Narrator Trustiness or Disgrace on his Narrations
Author :Dr. Mohammed Zayed Al-Otaibi

The fundamental Differences According to Imam Ibn Al-Amir Aṣ-Ṣana’ni through his book entitled Hashiat Al-Oddah from its beginning to the end of Adhan chapter: Analytical Fundamental Study
Author :Dr. Areej Fahd Abed Al-Jabri

The Purpose of Protection of Property between Islamic Jurisprudence and Kuwaiti Law - Applied Comparative Study
Author :Dr. Khaled Yousif Aljuhaim

Freedom of Philanthropy in the State of Kuwait from the view of a sample of leaders of Philanthropic societies, charities and voluntary teams
Author :Prof. Abdulrazak Khalifa Alshayji (Main Researcher), - Samir Abu Rumman, PhD (Associate Researcher)

Indicative directions for the Quran’s drawing in Nathm Al-Durar’s interpretation by AL-Imam AL-Biqai
Author :Dr. Abdo Hasan Mohammed A-Fakih

Schools of Thoughts of Scholars about the types of Dalālah (Inferred Meaning) and their Impact on Understanding the Holy Qur’an. Critical Comparative Study
Author :Dr. Saud Fahad Saud Al-Ajmi

Directing The Qur’anic Readings In Surat Al-Munafiqeen And Their Impact On Building The Objective Unity Of The Surah
Author :Researcher: Lina Ahmed Muhammad Arman (principal researcher), Prof. Jihad Muhammad Al-Nuseirat (Associate Researcher)

Refutation of the Suspicions Arisen about Prophet’s (PBUH) Going Around his Wives
Author :Prof. Eman Al-Abd Al-Ghani

Comment on the Constitutional Court ruling that article No. (198) of the Penal Code No. (16) of 1960, as amended by Law No. (36) of 2007, is unconstitutional “Transvestitism”
Author :Dr. Abrar Ahmed Abdullah Hadi

Examples of Ibn Hajar’s Takabbat al al-Hakim Naisabori in his book «al-Talkhis al-khabir»
Author :Researcher: Shahed Mohammed al-Olaiwi

Blood Money For Taking Life in the Kuwaiti Law (comparative Fundamental Study with Islamic jurisprudence)
Author :Dr. Abdul Rahman Hammoud Al-Mutairi

History of the Inception and Development of the Course of Islamic Culture in Arab Universities: University of Qatar as a Model
Author :Dr. Muḥammad Iqbal Farahat

The Term of Compound Measurement by Fundamentalists, its origin and development (Issue Appendix).
Author :Prof. Omar bin Ali Muhammad Abu Talib

The development of the Hadith Term- features and mechanisms (Issue Appendix)
Author :Prof. Suleiman Abdullah Al-Saud

Concept of purposeful “Maqasidic” Ijtihad Epistemological study (Issue Appendix)
Author :Dr. Abdelhamid Abdellah Ahmed El idrissi

Methodology of Islamic Sharia in Protecting the Private Life Compared to the Legal Thought
Author :Dr. Mean Saud Mohammad Abu-Baker

Corrections of Ibn Kathir for Tafseer Al-Baghawi
Author :Dr. Mohammad ben Abdulaziz Al-Misnad

The Effect of Interpreters’ Trends in their Methodologies and its Realization in the Interpretation of the Holy Qur’an
Author :Prof. Mostafa Ibrahim Khalil Al Mashni, PhD

The Effect of Linguistic Displacement in the Different Meanings of Qur’anic Words
Author :Dr. Fadi Mahmoud Al-Riyahnh

The Honest Statement to Indicate the Term of Ibn Habban “Ask Allah for Proper Guidance in him” in both his books
Author :Dr. Mohammad Hamdi Mohammad Abuabdoh

Sulaiman bin Qais Al–Yashkari’s Narration about Jabir bin Abdullah Al-Ansari
Author :Dr. Mohammad Zayed Falah Al-Otaibi

Marriage Defects using Contemporary Medical Means and its effect on the Marriage Contract
Author :Dr. Salah EddinTelebFarg

The Rule to Allow What May Lead to Committing Sins and its Security Applications
Author :Dr. Iyad Ahmed Mohammad Ibrahim

Jurisprudence of the Self: Studying the Concept, Discipline & Effect
Author :Dr. Qutb Al-Montaser Al-Rayesouni

المقدمةSignificance of the Littleness Plural in the Opinion of the Fundamentalists.
Author :Dr. Faisal Ahmed Al-Lamee

Endowment (Waqf) Issues based on the Opinion of a Companion at Hanbali Doctrine
Author :Dr. Jarrah NayefShoaib Al-Fadhli

Mistaken Milestones in the Holy Qur’an
Author :Dr. AbdelmohsenZabenMitaeb Al-Mutairi

Significances and Secrets of Three Prepositions
Author :Dr. Labib Mohammed Jubran Saleh

Layers of Scholars By Ibn Kamal Pasha (Died on 940 AH)
Author :Dr. Salah Mohammad Salem Abu-El-Hajj

Journies of Imam Al-Tabaraani and its Scientific Effects
Author :Dr. Mohammad Abdulrahman Tawalbeh

Gnosticism of Interpretation in the thought of Judge\ Al-Nu'manBin Haion
Author :Dr. Abdullah Awad Al-Ajmi

The Prophetic Tradition (Hadith) Tie your camel, then put your trust in Allah”
Author :Dr. Saleh Bin Abdullah Bin Shadid Al-Ssayah

The Scientific Balance Between the Two Books “The Grand History” for Imam Al-Bukhari and “Al-JarḥWa Al-Taʻdīl” (Discrediting and Accrediting) for Abi Hatim Al-Razi
Author :Dr. Fatema El ZahraaAwati

Rules Regarding the Violation of Child’s Rights in the Islamic Jurisprudence
Author :Dr. Wafaa Abdalmattiy Khalawy Khudair

The Reality Jurisprudence of Prophet Mohammed Sunnah Foundation Study
Author :Dr. UrwahIkrimaSabri

The Ecclesiastical Building, definition, History & True Origin
Author :Dr. Hamoud Ibrahim Salama

Repel [evil] by that [deed] which is better”
Author :Dr. Ali Mahmoud Okkam

The Reading of Hamza for The Saying of Almighty Allah “And fear Allah, through whom you ask one another, and the wombs”
Author :Dr. Fadi Saud Aljabbour

The Fine Meanings and Aspects of Miracles at the end of Surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow)
Author :Dr. Nazir Bin Nabil Al-Shirairi

The opinion of IbnKathir in his interpretation of
Author :Dr. Shafi Sultan Al-Ajmi

Hostility affecting the response certificate
Author :Dr.. Maher Abu ShawishTheeb

Silence During the Prayers, Settings and Rules Thereof
Author :Dr.Abdul Majeed Bin Saleh Al-Mansour

The term “Not to be Followed for it” and an Empirical Study for the Narrator “Mild Weak Narration”in Taqreep Al-Tahdheeb Book
Author :Dr. Khloud Mohammad Sweilem Al-hasban

Prophetic Conciseness of Speech, a fundamental Study
Author :Dr. Omar Abdullah Al-Migble

Margin Trade, Rules, Effects and Suspicions
Author :Dr. Yasser Abdulkareem Al-Horani

The Basic Rules for the Jurisprudence of Application
Author :Dr. NajmeddinQader Karim Al-Zanki

Introducing New Opinion Regarding the Explanation between Those Who Pan and Those Who Allow
Author :Dr. Raafat “Mohamed Raef” Raafat Al-Masri

Inferences of Essayouti under consideration in his book “Coronal in Inferences of Revelation” “Aliklil Fi EstnbatAltnzil”
Author :Dr. Zakaria Ali Hammoud Al-Khader

Historian William James Durant (1885 – 1981) and his Opinions Regarding the Source of the Holy Quran in the Book:
Author :Dr. AbdulrahimKhairallah Omar Elsherif

Presumption of Exclusive Narration for Sheikhsfrom the Point of View of Narrators
Author :Dr. Saeed Mohammad Bowaeinah

Refuting Suspicions is a Sharia Necessity, rooting & Analysis
Author :Dr. Mohammad HashimTahiri

The Position of AlfraaRegarding Antithesis via his book (Meanings of Quran)
Author :Dr. Professor\ Abdelkader Salami

Eloquence of Metonymy in the Holy QuranThe First Three Parts from the Holy Quran as a

The rule of “Certainty not affected by Suspicion” and its application to the contemporary actions that nullify Fasting
Author :Dr. Bader Mohammad Al-Eliwi،Dr. Prof. Aref Ali Aref Al-QurahDaghi

«Seeing Allah in this world as seen by Sunni Muslems»
Author :Dr. Ahmed Yousef An-Nesf

Regressive presumption of continuity( Alenetaaf) its reality, its rule as viewed by the scholars of the Principles of jurisprudence and its Jurisprudential effect
Author :PhD. Saeed Bin Meteb Cardm Al- Qahtani

The orientalists role in distortion the Biography of the Prophet ", The book of (The First invasions and their authors) – by the German Orientalist Joseph Horovits- as a sample
Author :Dr. Mohammed Zuhair Abdullah Al-Mohammad (Head Researcher) _Dr. Mohammed al-Houri (Researcher)

Integration in the Qur'an analytical, critical and rhetorical reading in the interpretation of editing and enlightenment
Author :PhD. Muthanna Abdul Fattah Mahmoud Mahmoud

Legal Ruling of deferred selling of gold for banknotes (contemporary Jurisprudential look)
Author :PhD. Ayman Mustafa Hussein al-Dabbagh

Gradation in the application of Sharia, and its necessity in the desired reform."
Author :PhD. Abdul-Mahdi, "Mohammed Saeed" Ahmad al-Ajlouni

Hadiths mentioned by the An-Nsaa'ee in Minor Sunan and not in the Major Sunan.
Author :Prof. Dr. Awad Hussein Al-Khalaf

Refuting the suspicions and slanders away from the (Hadith) of "the Prophet Who died and his shield pawned
Author :PhD. Mohamed Sayed Ahmed Shehata

Tabari application for the principle of "non- particularization of commons, but under a pretext" in his interpretation And the suitability of this to the spirit of the Qur'an and the continuity of its Scientific miracles (Ijaz )n
Author :Researcher: Mohammed Saleh Qutb

The legality of a marriage contract by writing through the modern means of communication
Author :PhD. Mohammed Khalaf Mohammed Bani Salama

Rule of Giving Zaka out of benefits ( A Fiqh Comparative study ) .
Author :Dr . Fat'h Allah Tuffaha

Methodical defects in Hadith narrating of The Orientalist ' Montgomery Watt in his two books 1 – Mohamed in Mecca and 2- Mohamed in Madina
Author :Dr. Ne'maT Mohamed Al-Ja'fari

Election of women for parliamentary councils membership in Islamic Shariah
Author :Dr. Abdul El-ah Mohamed Al-Mulla

Rules of guarantee of borrowed money in Islamic Fiqh and Jordanian civil law – A comparative study .
Author :Dr. Qassim Mohamed Al-Hmood_Dr. Anas Mustafa Abu Attah

The ( Waqf ) of the rights of authorship in Islamic Fiqh
Author :Dr. Kathafy Ezzat Al- Ghananeem

Abdul Al-Malik Ibn Abdul Aziz Ibn Juraige – A reasoned biography .
Author :Dr. Mansour Mahmood Al – Sharayree

The method of Imam Ahmad in selecting Sheikhs – His teachers whom he criticised and related their narrations – collecting and study
Author :Dr . Abdullah Fuzan Al- Fuzan

Prohibition of swearing and wrestling of the healthy and the quality of ends Written by Islam Sheikh Abu Al – Abbas Ahmad Ibn Abdul-Haleem Ibn Taymiah Al- Harany May Allah give mercy to him : 661 to 728 Hejra calendar .
Author :Dr. Fawwaz Mohamed Al – Awadi

Effect of moral duty of Islamic morals of vehicles drivers and traffic morals .
Author :Dr. Waleed Mohamed Al – Ali

Rule of context – both in advance and following and its effect on explanations of the Holy Quran .
Author :Dr . Suliman Ma'rafi Se'fer

Mental need in context sign
Author :Dr . Abdul Jaleel Zuhair Dhamrah

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